Thoughts on last week’s presentations

First of all, as the first group presenting our topic, we were the first to go beyond 15 minutes time limit. In fact, we doubled it. It’s a good gesture from Dr.V to allow us to continue afterwards and complete our presentation. But apparently other groups took that as a permission to go way over time. Our biggest problem was that we didn’t have the opportunity to do a rehearsal of the whole thing, so we had no idea how long it would take to complete the whole presentation. And second problem of our approach was that we didn’t cover all the materials given to us, ’cause we couldn’t find a clear structure to include all the information. But there is no excuse for that. Now I think about it, we could’ve at least given the audience a list of things that we didn’t cover and means to find them.

On the other hand we think our presentation did better than other group of not listing all the keywords and concepts on the slides. We followed the thread in Cooper’s chapter 12 Designing Good Behavior. All the things shown on our slides were  processed information instead of directly copied from the text book. I will keep on doing this in the future.

As for other people’s slides, I think some people went too much into making their presentation look cool, instead of making them informative and organized. But at least the prettier ones did a better job of keeping me awake, and interested.

As for the materials that were presented last week, I think I missed a considerable amount of them. And now a week has passed, I can’t remember much. So, I guess I have to do the readings myself to learn them myself.


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