Thoughts on last week’s presentation 2

The biggest take away from last week’s presentation is that with a little bit push and incentive we can all do great. Every group managed their time much better than last time. And surprisingly, although the time given for each group had been reduced, the presentations were much more informative than last time. It seemed like instead of listing all the key points like we did last time, most groups took the approach to use more examples. This made the presentations much more understandable and manageable to people who had not read the readings for the topics. And it’s also great to see that some group inherited the successes that they had in last time in last week’s presentation. For example, I really love the Deok’s discussion session at the end. It’s like Worst Website Contest happening all over again. If I remember correctly, group doing menu had a menu bar on the right of there slides all the time. I think that’s a cool feature. It seemed to me that the menu is fully functional, and it knows which slides that it’s one and what’s going on on that slide. I would guess that there is code implementation behind it. If anyone knows how this was implemented please leave a comment.

Our presentation was delegated to one person per section in Cooper’s book. The reason that we did it this way was that our schedule only permitted us to do our own part individually and meet before class for a practice run. If we had communicated more often, we would have shown more consistency between different sections. Doctor V’s comment for our presentation was that she expected us to go for breadth instead of depth. I think she’s referring to my part, which was the selection controls. Since there were 14 items covered in Cooper’s book, I figured I could not possibly cover all of them, I chose to dig a little deeper into the ones I’ve chosen. Since most examples are pretty self-evident, I definitely could use less time talking about them.

Personally, I think I’ve grown a lot in presenting because these two opportunities to present a topic of the text book to the rest of the class. I’m looking forward to do more.

Dylan Liu


One thought on “Thoughts on last week’s presentation 2

  1. I am glad you (and other students) have learned more about presentations in the past 2 weeks. Presentations will be very important in your career. But, I am worried whether you learned about the content of the presentations as well? What do you think?

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