Week 8 Reading Notes and Thoughts

This week’s reading talks about how to use data collected from ethnographic interviews to build a set of personas, and from there how to put the personas into stories to provide understanding for the requirements of the design. The readings go into really specific details of what we should watch out for and what we should be concentrated on, so it’s gonna be really helpful for us in doing our future assignments.

My question of how the quality of the work is measured using this research method continues from last week’s reading. Specifically, in constructing personas, how do avoid building a stereotype? The book says as long as we base our work on data collected through various reliable sources, we will be able to avoid stereotype. But the book also indicates that in the process of building personas, inferences, assumptions, even guess must be made from the data. Even though the data itself is completely objective and accurate, which is impossible, interpretation of those data would introduce errors. And I think the reliability relies heavily on the people doing this. Different people doing this may produce very different result. There is no standards to tell whose is better. Therefore, I’m still skeptical about this. I can’t see that people base billion dollar investment  without knowing the risks. We’ll see about this, as we move on to practice doing this ourselves.


1 thought on “Week 8 Reading Notes and Thoughts

  1. Yes, I hope this will be clearer after you’ve worked on the assignment. There are methods to ensure validity of qualitative research results, ask me if you’re interested.

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