Week 9 Reading Notes and Reflections

Last we read about Requirement Definition. Now it’s time to move on to the next step – Framework and Refinement. Since these two design processes are inherently connected to each other in many aspects. I think the best way to represent them is to talk about them together.

There is one quote from Cooper that best explains the different purposes doing the two – “Requirements Definition answers the broad questions about what a product is and what it should do, and Framework Definition answers questions about how a product behaves and how it is structured to meet user goals.”. However the difference in their purpose, these two design processes both stay at a high level -meaning in these two processes, we only concern ourselves with the overall structure of the user interface rather than burry ourselves in too much details. Framework Definition is in fact when the transition of requirement elements translates translates into fuller designs in a step-by-step interaction. The reason this process is intentionally stretched to a long repeating process according to Cooper is “it’s always easier to discard work and try another approach when you don’t have a lot of effort invested.”. Interaction design is a team effort. It’s never easy for people to come to a consensus in early phase. Throwing away ideas in early stage is unavoidable. And we want to eliminate the cost of that as much as possible. And another benefit of doing this is that we can start to get a general feeling of the end product from a much much early phase. This opens the opportunity that many things can run in parallel. For example, the end result from sketching phase may be used in feedback sessions with the users to validate the design. And also in the same sense defining interaction framework, defining the visual design framework, and defining industrial design framework can be conducted concurrently.



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